How MyVCM Can Protect Against Future Ransomware Attacks

WannaCry ransomware swept the globe, impacting over 150 countries in a reported 450,000 attacks. The attack hit several different industries, from hospital systems in the United Kingdom to FedEx in the US.

Ostendio is committed to ensuring that your organization is protected from cyber threats,  and that everyone in an organization is aware of their roles when handling sensitive data. How can MyVCM help protect you from future ransomware attacks?


  1. Upload your Asset inventory to MyVCM, and track the Operating System for each asset. This will allow you to quickly find vulnerable and unsupported software in the case of an attack.  For example, the WannCry virus attacked workstations with Windows XP because Microsoft no longer supported the Operating System. MyVCM will allow you to quickly find impacted assets and take the necessary action.


  1. Use the MyVCM Audits module to build an effective patching schedule for all Assets. You can time Audits to coincide with Microsoft, Apple, and other scheduled patch releases. Independent audit checks can be created to ensure that patching is done effectively.  By running regular reports on asset patch status it ensures that you are currently up-to-date with your assets, or at the very least on a ‘safe’ version.


  1. Most ransomware viruses get installed by human error.  Employees clicking on phishing links, downloading infected attachments, or visiting malicious websites are the main causes of ransomware entering a system. Make sure employees are regularly trained on the dangers of ‘click bait’.  Run routine training and have employees sign off on phishing awareness policies and training, with MyVCM.


  1. Confirm that all employee workstations and laptops have up-to-date and effective virus protection software. Maintain a list of all workstations on MyVCM and either centrally manage the deployment of virus protection software, or task employees via MyVCM to report that the latest version is installed on their machine.


  1. Don’t let 3rd parties add risk to your organization. Ensure that any vendor who may have access to your network also operates securely. Track your vendors via MyVCM ensuring you have the requisite security assurances within your vendor contract, and/or schedule regular security audits via MyVCM. If your vendor also uses MyVCM require them to complete the MyVCM vendor security assessment on a quarterly basis which will alert you if there are any changes to their security profile.


MyVCM allows organizations to better manage their overall security posture and confirm that their employees are practicing effective security hygiene.  Don’t be caught out by ransomware.  Use MyVCM to protect you from an attack.

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