MyVCM 2.9: Upgraded Audits Module

The following features are now available as part of your latest MyVCM 2.9 Release:

  • Turning On/Off Different Communication Settings

Now you can pick and choose which notifications you and your team receives. We have added the ability to turn on and off different e-mail based notifications, reminders and updates.

To update your Communications Settings, log onto your MyVCM instance, go to the ‘gear’ icon, and choose Communications Settings from the drop-down menu. Messages are not stored, so you will only receive the e-notifications you choose going forward.  

  • Upgraded Audits Module

Extended audits to include locations, vendors, organizations, and documents. This means you can now perform audits on SOP’s to show that they are in practice. For those of you who have been using this module for some time, you can migrate any previous audits to the upgraded module using the green ‘Migrate to Audit 2.0’ button on the top right of your screen.

  • Enhanced Locations

We have added a locations component to MyVCM to ensure that you always know where you are keeping data, whether it be at a co-working space, corporate offices, or laboratories. Within the full feature set, you can now:

  • Create public or private locations
  • Assign owners and custodians
  • Associate a location to Assets and Organizations. You can include users in the near future.
  • New Report

To complement the enhanced locations feature, we have also included a new report for locations and assets.

  • Refer a Friend

You will now see a ‘refer a friend option’. If you think another business would benefit from using Ostendio’s MyVCM, please send them a demo request. If they are qualified and complete the demo, you will receive a $100 gift card to Amazon!

As always, we welcome your additional feedback as we continue to evolve MyVCM. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at

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