MyVCM 2.8.1: New Report Type

The following features are now available as part of your latest MyVCM 2.8.1 Release:

  • New Report Type

We have added a new report to your MyVCM instance. You can locate it by going to the ‘Reports’ module on the left menu, and clicking on the ‘Documents’ tab. With this new report you can:

  • Verify to an auditor, or respond to a client request, that your policies are up-to-date
  • This report shows document ID number, title, description, status, type, owner and expiration date

  • Updated Weekly Email 

The weekly MyVCM has been updated to have a cleaner, more user-friendly design.

As part of the new email, we include a weekly security tip. Please email Niamh Bennett if you have a security tip which you would like to see added.

  • Updated Document Approval Capabilities 

For complex approval processes, or for a document which needs several approvals, we have made the process of sorting and finding the document easier. When approving a document, you can now:

  • Sort and filter by version number
  • See who has approved different versions of the document
  • Search by version number

As always, we continue to improve MyVCM based on your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at

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