MyVCM 2.10: Refreshed Training Module

The following features are now available as part of your latest MyVCM 2.10 Release:

  • Updated Training Module 

Several notable changes have been made to this module to make it easier to use. The user interface has been updated to align with other MyVCM modules. Only Admins and Site Admins will be able to see the ‘Manage Training’ tab. All of your previously created trainings will be migrated for you to the refreshed module.


MyVCM Training Tab



  • Training Creation

When creating a training, you can choose to publish it immediately or schedule it to publish at a later date. You can include your own instructions for the training, or use our pre-populated text. You can decide how often the training should be completed – daily, month, weekly, annually – and choose the number of days which an employee has to complete the assigned training. You can now clone and delete trainings. 

Once employees have been assigned their training, you can filter submissions by passed/not passed, date submitted, score etc. The Summary tab is a quick, high-level overview of the state of the training, showing a snapshot of who has completed the training, which employees are overdue etc.

You can download the training, and/or the quiz submissions as an Excel file. The training activity log can also be exported as an Excel file.


  • Quiz Questions 

You can create a training quiz with your own questions, and drag and drop the questions to change the order. You can change the quiz pass rate percentage, question weightings and customize question labels and type. You can also choose whether or not you’d like to add a helpful hint or a suggestion.

Adding Questions on MyVCM


  • Certificate of Completion 

Once a training has been completed, employees will receive a certificate of training completion with your company’s logo, which can be downloaded as a PDF.



  • Trainings in Template Library 

Ostendio’s training templates have been updated. They have been separated into training courses and training quizzes, along with a Master Key for Quiz Questions.

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