At Ostendio we have a deep commitment to the concept that everyone deserves to have access to excellent and affordable healthcare.

Our corporate mission is to ensure that innovative ideas and concepts do not fail simply because of an inability to navigate critical security or regulatory obligations.

We want to ensure that any company bringing innovative solutions to market that will improve the delivery or efficiency of healthcare is able to flourish, and our solutions are designed to help them do that.

We also believe that everyone should have access to great healthcare, independent of where they live or how much they can afford. As such Ostendio, is committed to donating a minimum of 1% of its annual revenue to causes that further these goals and increase access to affordable care for anyone in need.

In addition to direct donations, we provide our solution, MyVCM, for a significantly reduced price, to non-profits (contact us for pricing and give our employees paid time off to volunteer.

Because everyone’s health matters.

The Ostendio team supporting our favorite charities!