Catalyst Interview: Grant Elliott Shares His Insights on For-Profits Solving Social Issues

An Interview with Grant Elliott, by Rebecca Paul (Catalyst Review)

Executive Summary

Conventionally, the advancement of social good is a function of non-profit and governmental institutions, but an increasing number of for-profit entities are challenging this paradigm. Organizations like Voxiva take an unapologetically capitalist approach towards solving social issues and addressing social problems. They are challenging common perceptions of both the limitations of corporate integrity and what it means to reinvest in a cause.




Voxiva is an international pioneer in the production of interactive mobile health services. Its programs address a variety of health concerns, including maternal and child health, smoking cessation and diabetes self-management. In early 2010, Voxiva launched Text4baby, an award-winning educational service for pregnant women and new moms. Today, Text4baby is the largest mobile health service in the United States.

Former Voxiva’s Director of Operations, Grant Elliott, has watched the company mature from a struggling start-up into a global success. This background has reinforced his belief that commerce (along with the capital and resources it makes accessible) is essential to the evolution of great ideas into tools, products, and services that offer real-world solutions. Catalyst’s Rebecca Paul, recently sat down with Mr. Elliott to discuss his insights and experience. To Elliott, revenue is more than a signifier of capitalist achievement – it is the lifeblood of any enterprise that seeks to make an impact, deliver the best products, or even design peace.

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Posted on: November 14, 2013