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MyVCM is designed to simplify the process of compliance by focusing on a few fundamental areas – Risk Assessment, Documentation Management, Access Management, Incident Management and Business Continuity.


Per user per month pricing model

MyVCM is priced more affordably than other solutions. Instead of a heavy fixed project cost, MyVCM pricing is based on “per users per month,” meaning that for smaller organizations there is not a price hurdle to clear, and for larger organizations the price can be justified against the cost savings the tool provides.

Easy Enforcement...

Helps you manage enforcement

MyVCM not only provides guidance, it also helps an organization enforce compliance. Since every employee is entered into the tool, MyVCM can manage non-compliance by automatically following-up with document owners, systems owners, or any other person who has been assigned a compliance task.

...Real-Time Analytics

Everyone has a view of status at all times

MyVCM gives everyone from individual contributors to executive management the ability to view real-time compliance status at any time across all disciplines.

Reduces Effort...

Ongoing compliance is easy

'MyVCM actually reduces the effort it takes to maintain compliance, because it does the follow-up and escalation management for you.'

What Customers are Saying...

OstendioMyVCM Customer, Arlington, VA
“We had been looking for a way to manage compliance within the resource and budget constraints of a small business. MyVirtualComplianceManager™ not only provided us with an affordable way to become compliant, but it helps ensure we stay compliant as a part of our everyday activities.”
OstendioMyVCM Customer,Washington DC
“I had thoroughly researched what it would take for a new company like ours to be compliant and it seemed like a daunting task. But with MyVCM™ we not only have the necessary polices in place but a simple and effective way to police them ensuring the task remains manageable”.
OstendioMyVCM Customer,Washington DC
“Understanding what you need to do to be compliant is hard enough. But maintaining compliance is even harder. MyVCM™ is helping us do both.”
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